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DREAMS (Dreams Require Educating and Motivating Students) is our college enrichment program which was created to help at-risk students in high poverty areas graduate high school and enroll in college. DREAMS provides 10th-12th grade students in Pine Bluff with a college mentor who will guide them through the entire process. The need to focus on education is extremely important as graduation rates and test scores are extremely low and the number of residents living below the poverty line in these areas is significantly high. The objective of DREAMS is to eliminate college preparation barriers by providing financial support for college prep fees, educating students and parents on the college admission process, and exposing students to as many colleges and financial aid options as possible.

Exceptional College Preparation

DREAMS students have a 100% high school graduation rate. 90% were accepted into college (10% are going to the military). We have achieved this level of success by staying focused on the DREAMS goals of having at least 90% of our students improve their ACT scores. Eighty percent receive scholarships and follow the college track course schedule. Not only do we set high expectations for our students, but we also work with them to meet those expectations by providing ACT prep, making sure they have the necessary experience to be competitive for scholarships, and ensuring they have tutoring to maintain great grades in college preparation classes.
The DREAMS program meets twice a month to work on college prep materials. During these meetings, students participate in activities that inform them on college life, financial aid, and career planning. We also provide tutoring, ACT prep and help our students apply to colleges as well as scholarships. It is very important to us that our students are fully prepared for college and have a competitive resume for college acceptance.
We strive to ensure college acceptance by requiring that all students participate in at least three extracurricular activities, take the ACT at least twice a year, attend tutoring for grades below a B average and perform 25 hours of community service annually. Our students are also given the opportunity to go on in-state as well as out-of-state college tours to gain an in-person feel for their potential schools.

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Raychelle Grant
Program Coordinator

If you would like to have the DREAMS program in your area, please contact us at 870.850.6011 or via email at topps@toppsinc.org.

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