Mental Health

In 2021 TOPPS implemented a Mental Health piece into their already robust programs. The national outcry for mental health awareness and training encouraged TOPPS to apply for a grant to support the obvious needs in their community.

Five-Year Training Grant

TOPPS received a five-year training grant to provide free workshops, called Mental Health First Aid, to members of the community. Mental Health First Aid is an early intervention public education program. It teaches adults how to recognize the signs and symptoms that suggest a potential mental health challenge, how to listen nonjudgmentally and give reassurance to a person who may be experiencing a mental health challenge, and how to refer a person to appropriate
professional support and services.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to, amongst other things: Describe the purpose of Mental, Health First Aid and the role of the Mental Health First Aider, identify the impact of mental health challenges on the well-being of adults in the U.S, explain that recovery from a mental health challenge is possible, and evaluate the impact of early intervention on mental health challenges.